Sapphire was born with the Incredible Gift of being able to Telepathically Communicate with every living thing through Sensory Perception. This Divine Companionship with Creatures, Celestial Deities and Elementals has given Sapphire Extraordinary Abilities. One of her favorite childhood memories is a vision of talking story with her Angels while levitating slightly above her daybed. While looking through the door she saw that her Mother was coming and quickly positioned herself so conventional mom wouldn't get the real picture.

This Wondrously Enchanting Fairy Woman has spent a lifetime assisting other Kindred Souls to access the Dreamtime and the Beauty and Splendor of the Celestial Realms. She can Travel Through Time, Space and Molecular Form and Communicate with Angelic Souls Before They Are Born.

Sapphire Moon is a Woman of Wands.. Great-Grandmother and Keeper of the Ancient Wisdom Ways. She is a Mystic, Cultural Storyteller, Gifted Authoress, Telepathic Shamaness, Medical Intuitive and Animal Communicator.. Offering Her Healing Modalities To Those Summoned By The Creator.

She lives and plays on Pele's Island with her pet Sea Turtle Alapaki, sharing her Multi-Faceted Talents in the areas of Ceremonial Changing Rituals, Spiritual Initiations and Hawaiian Blue Huna Magic. With her vast array of Magnificent Gifts.. Her Sessions are Phenomenal.

Come And Receive Your Sacred Audience With Sapphire.. Come Gather The Treasures Of Your Heart!

Me Ke Aloha Pumehana

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